Carbon Footprinting With SimaPro

Emissions of greenhouse gases and associated climate change are by far the most important environmental issues at the moment, and all sectors are involved. The LCA software SimaPro is a full-featured programme that offers everything you need to do your carbon footprinting or life cycle assessments.

Find Ways To Reduce Your Company’s Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Reporting your greenhouse gas emissions and setting reduction targets can be a great way to drive additional business value (see Carbon Disclosure Project). Most companies have more influence over greenhouse gas emissions related to their products than they think – you can influence emission reductions upstream in the supply chain and downstream at the use and disposal phases. The way to do this is transparent communication and cooperation with suppliers and users. The first step is getting insight into all greenhouse gas emissions in the life cycles of your company’s products and identifying hotspot and reduction opportunities. Carbon footprinting is an excellent instrument to do this.


It is not always easy to explain to colleagues in other departments what LCA or carbon footprinting is. This video is an excellent resource about the basics of carbon footprinting:



SimaPro Offers You The Tools You Need

Doing a carbon footprint analysis requires expert knowledge and specialised software. PRé’s SimaPro is the world’s leading life cycle assessment software and enables you to easily calculate carbon footprints. The software includes a large amount of background data and carbon dioxide equivalence factors for many substances. As several standards require, SimaPro allows for separate reporting of various types of greenhouse gas emissions, such as biogenic methane and emissions related to land-use change. You can also widen the scope of the study with more impact categories: the background data already includes other types of emissions, resource extractions, and land use, and multi-impact assessment methods are available in SimaPro.

PRé offers general and tailored SimaPro training and also provides tailor-made tools to help non-experts recalculate the carbon footprint when alternative or new data become available. If your company is more interested in having an external party do these assessments, please take a look at our carbon footprint consulting service.


Why Choose SimaPro

SimaPro LCA software is used by big multinational companies such as Unilever, Heineken, BASF and DSM, but also by small companies, research institutes and individual sustainability practitioners. Training is available for new and experienced users of SimaPro and LCA software from PRé and our local partners. Find your SimaPro training.


Case Study: LCA of Metal Rings

For a major jewellery manufacturer, PRé conducted Life Cycle Assessments (LCA) for two popular metal rings to gain visibility into its supply chain and establish baselines for comparison to similar products. Apart from creating a benchmark for comparison to other jewellery products, working with PRé, the client also discovered an understanding of the relative impacts of metals sourced from different global regions, and discovered the importance of the retail stage for its product’s life cycle impacts. Read more.



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