Environmental Product Declarations

An environmental product declaration (EPD) is a type III declaration compliant with ISO 14025 and provides relevant, verified and comparable information about the environmental impact of a product.

The French Grenelle law demands that all high volume consumer products sold in France have an EPD. It is anticipated that this policy will become commonplace in other EU countries as well.


To develop EPDs, you need to follow product category rules (PCRs). A PCR is a technical document consisting of a set of specific rules, requirements and guidelines for a product group based on LCA. An EPD is relatively easy to develop if product category rules (PCR) already exist. Available PCRs can be found with the following program operators: Environdec, IBUJEMAI, the Green Standard and others.


If a PCR does not exist for your product group, it has to be developed and submitted for public consultation. This can be a time consuming process. PRé can help you develop an EPD or a PCR as well as engage the right parties in the consultation period.


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