SimaPro Features

SimaPro has all of the features you would expect from a professional LCA software package. Choose the license that best meets your needs.

PRé is proud to present the new release of the world’s leading LCA software, SimaPro 8! Read all about this release!

A unique set of features to suit your needs

SimaPro allows you to model products and systems from a life cycle perspective. Users can build complex models in a systematic and transparent way using SimaPro's unique features.


  • Use parameters in your model and easily change values or assumptions in your model
  • Calculate uncertainty in your inventory results using a Monte Carlo analysis
  • Allocation of multiple output processes
  • Transparent; trace back your results in a few mouse clicks
  • Weak-point analysis; identify the ‘hot spots’ in your life cycle using the process tree
  • Analysis of complex waste treatment and recycling scenarios
  • Define how life cycle assessment results are presented (per process, stage or function)

Read more about the new features in SimaPro 8.


SimaPro Features Overview

SimaPro offers licenses to suit a wide variety of business and educational needs. To see which license suits your needs, please check the overview below:


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