SimaPro | A Unique Set of Features

SimaPro allows you to model from a life cycle perspective. Build complex models in a systematic and transparent way using SimaPro's unique features. SimaPro offers modelling with uncertainty calculation, insight in unit processes, allocation of multiple output processes, weak-point analysis and complex waste treatment.


Full Transparency

Trace back your results in a few mouse clicks,

even back to ‘raw’ data of ecoinvent unit processes.



Use parameters in your model and easily

change values or assumptions in your model


Identify Hotspots

Easily identify hotspots to improve your product or company


No Hidden Costs

All licenses receive all available databases and methods,

including ecoinvent.


Multi-user version

Your entire team can work in a single database simultaneously, 
even when working from different locations around the world.

Link to Excel

Save time and reduce the margin for error when it comes to data entry.

You can also export any results tables or charts to Excel with 1 click.


Waste Treatment and Scenarios

Model complex waste treatment and recycling scenarios.



SimaPro Features Overview

SimaPro offers licenses to suit a wide variety of business and educational needs. To see which license suits your needs, please check the overview below:


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Jun 24 - 25 | 2-days: LCA Empowerment Training

Sep 8 | 1-day: Product Social Footprint Training

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Jun 18 | ecoinvent v3.1 Webinar

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