SimaPro Installation

To install the latest SimaPro version, you must have a valid SimaPro registration code with a valid service contract. If you do not have a valid service contract, please check the release date of the previous versions to determine which SimaPro version you are permitted to use.


Installation of SimaPro 8

A registration code is required during the process, after installation you will be asked to activate your license. This can be done online or offline. No personal data is collected in this process.


Please download the manuals below and read carefully 


This installation zip file includes:

  • SimaPro setup for single users (including professional database) and multi-user client (without database). 
  • Update database installation
  • SimaPro database server and Professional database installation


SimaPro 8 | Installation and update manuals

See the SimaPro Installation Manuals (PDF) for details on the installation and technical requirements.


SimaPro 7 | Installation and update manuals


Report Maker

SimaPro Report Maker is an add-on which allows you to create graphs and tables in MS Word and MS Excel (2007 and 2010) and keep them updated as you change your model and data in SimaPro. Read more

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