Anne Gaasbeek

'Towards the green revolution'
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'I believe every organisation can be triggered to make a positive change, with the right information and action plan. I enjoy helping organisations get there by translating complex sustainability metrics into actionable information.'
Anne Gaasbeek holds a Master’s degree in Management, Economics and Consumer Studies, with a focus on supply chain management. She combines excellent programme management skills with a hands-on background in sustainability metrics. As Sustainability Consultant at PRé, she helps a wide range of organisations with implementing and understanding sustainability metrics. Her clients include organisations from various sectors, including SMEs, multinationals and the EU.

Anne is part of the team of experts developing tools based on life cycle thinking. She focuses on the perspective of the user, which helps PRé build tools that will actually be used and that meet the needs of technical and non-technical users alike. She recently worked on developing the Handbook for Product Social Impact Assessment.

Her areas of expertise include product social footprinting, measuring supply chain sustainability and sustainable business performance.
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