Hanna Pintusava

Communications Specialist
'Let's make our planet great again'
"Climate crisis, biodiversity loss, plastic, air and noise pollution. These are the reasons why I chose to not only embed sustainability into daily life but also to apply my professional skills in the right sector. Communication is all about connection, understanding and community - which helps bring sustainability to the next level.

At PRé, the comprehensive life cycle assessment approach gives businesses and organizations the power to make informed choices. That is, science and facts make a solid foundation for an impactful sustainable change."
As a Communications Specialist at PRé, Hanna is responsible for communications strategy, content marketing, brand identity and both digital and offline activities for consultancy and SimaPro software.

Before joining PRé, Hanna gained experience in marketing and communications in both business and non-profit sectors. She helped to launch and promote an international brand on a new market in Belarus. She volunteered as a PR officer in a European non-profit organization advocating for accessibility of education and conducting youth training. Later, Hanna worked as a project officer at IHS Erasmus University Rotterdam, where she helped to design online courses for Coursera and communicate complex topics in a simple way. In 2017 she won a UN-Habitat Youth photography competition on the topic of climate change and was awarded a trip to the UN Climate Change Conference COP23 as one of the speakers during the Intergenerational Inquiry session.

Hanna holds an MSc in Urban Management and Development from IHS Erasmus University Rotterdam and BA in International Economics from Belarusian State University.
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