Rutger Schurgers

Lead Developer
'Contributing to a better future'
'Although I started studying electrical engineering at university, I quickly switched to biology because I wanted to make a difference in nature conservation. It turned out that software development suits me better, so I’m very happy to be able to combine my skill set with my passion to contribute to a better future by building sustainability software at PRé.'
As both leader and member of the SimaPro software development team, Rutger is responsible for effective team collaboration and ensuring development of a high quality product. Rutger holds a Master of Science in biology and a Master of Arts in applied ethics, both from Utrecht University. Turning a hobby into a job, he switched to software development shortly after graduation.

Rutger has worked as a software developer since 2006, starting on SAP software and switching to the Microsoft .NET platform in 2008. He is an expert in .NET and web technologies, from the database to the web browser.
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