Tjeerd Raijmakers

'Understanding sustainability'
"Curiosity is key in understanding sustainability. Currently, I find it hard to grasp that the impact of humanity on our planet is no longer negligible. So I guess I’ll soon learn more about the extent to which we are impacting the world and possible avenues we can take to reduce this impact."
Tjeerd holds a Master’s degree in Chemistry. At PRé he focuses on understanding an LCA in all its complexity and distilling the essence into a clear message that is easy for all to understand. He has extensive experience in tool development both online using SimaPro and in excel and is not afraid of data. Tjeerd combines technical skills with his LCA knowledge to upscale sustainability, allowing an LCA study to grow into an eco-design tool or an EPD generator. His contributions made a difference in projects like the BioScope tool for assessing biodiversity and the carbon footprinting tool for the Dutch Dairy sector.
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Mar 19-20 | Product Environmental Footprint
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