At PRé, we believe it is important to nurture talent. This is why we focus on gathering and sharing knowledge and learning from each other.

August 07, 2019

By investing in our employees’ personal and professional development, we are also investing in the development of the company. PRé provides an environment in which you will receive personalized feedback that focuses on your strengths, skills and capabilities.


For the evaluation and development process, we use a result- and competency-based approach for all employees. At the start of the year, you will define your performance objectives and personal development goals with your manager. Topics you may want to discuss include the feasibility of your goals, what training or education is needed to improve your skills, what training or education you would like to participate in to further your personal development, as well as your expectations in terms of the coaching you will receive and your participation in certain projects.


Your manager will guide and support you in the creation and execution of your personal and professional development plan, which will be discussed throughout the year.


In addition to the required training and education to extend your knowledge on certain topics, we believe that having certain business skills is essential to your job. Thus, PRé provides regular in-house training sessions that focus on communication, presentation, consulting and writing skills.


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