“Showing initiative and creativity is highly valued”

Interview with Margreet Riedstra, HR Manager since June 2009

December 09, 2013

Margreet Riedstra, HR Manager at PRé Consultants


Could you explain why you are a good fit for PRé?

I believe it is important to do work that matters. PRé strives to create a better world by helping to improve sustainability. This effort appeals to me, and I like the fact that I can contribute to it. As an HR manager, I support the employees in their personal and professional development, which I find very rewarding. Working at PRé is inspiring and engaging. My job consists of a wide variety of activities, and I enjoy being engaged in all facets of the HR profession.


How would you describe PRé as an employer?

Showing initiative and creativity is highly valued at PRé, where you get the confidence and freedom to shape your position and create your own opportunities. PRé strives to get the most out of its employees by focusing on their individual qualities. There is plenty of room at PRé for personal and professional development through education, training, learning on the job, and coaching.


The office has a pleasant, informal and open atmosphere in which employees respect each other, work together, and help each other. Often, we go out for a drink after work, we celebrate birthdays, and at least once a year we have a nice day out with the office.


How would you describe the perfect employee of PRé?

Everyone who works at PRé should feel passionate about sustainability and have the ambition to work with sustainability metrics. The market is rapidly changing and you need to feel comfortable in an environment that demands a certain amount of flexibility. Ideally, you prefer a results-oriented approach and have a proactive attitude. If you are ambitious in the world of sustainability metrics, PRé is the perfect place to start creating your own opportunities.



For more information about working at PRé, please contact Margreet.

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