“We use state-of-the-art technology to address current issues ”

Interview with Rutger Schurgers, Lead Developer

December 09, 2013

Rutger Schurgers, Lead Developer

Rutger (left) at the software team meeting.


What do you get out of working for PRé?

I work at PRé to be able to develop innovative software whilst contributing to a sustainable future. This fits my personal background and interests very well.


At PRé, there is plenty of room for professional development. We use state-of-the-art technology to address current issues in corporate sustainability and have many opportunities to keep up-to-date on software development technologies and agile development. We are also always learning more about LCA and developing professional skills.


Because PRé is a small company, everyone is asked to help work on quite a few things. As the software team, we need to master a number of capabilities including writing new software, how to best test and release our work, grasping the fundamentals of LCA, as well as building the requirements and user interface for the software. That is very challenging, but also a lot of fun.


What is it like to be working in a Scrum team?

The software team is a Scrum team. That means we work together closely in short, three week cycles. Within the overall product vision, we then make a detailed plan for the next three weeks. We show what we’ve built to those interested on the last day of the cycle. We update each other on our progress daily, and usually write code in pairs. This helps us to create much better software, and it assures that knowledge is spread throughout the team.


Working in a Scrum team, especially at PRé, requires us to actively look for ways to improve our software and our skills. There is a lot of room to contribute. The challenges are all new, and together we need to find the right solutions.


What do you do at PRé?

As a Lead Developer, I’ve got plenty to do. Not only do I work on the software and its architecture, I also help the team to work the Scrum way and remove any impediments to success. This involves quite a bit of organizing and working with others outside of the team. This diversity means no two days are the same.



To contact Rutger, please visit his profile.

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