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Are you an MSc student in the last year of studies? Do you have the ambition to work for one of the leading companies in the field of life cycle assessment, the developer of SimaPro software? Apply to join PRé for an internship assignment!

October 01, 2019

About PRé

At PRé, we believe that by using smart metrics solutions, sustainability can be a source of tremendous business opportunity and untapped value to reduce resource costs, enhance reputation, develop innovation and access new markets. 


Focusing primarily on life cycle thinking, PRé has been at the forefront of sustainability for nearly 30 years. We have built a worldwide reputation as leaders in impact assessment, providers of state-of-the-art methodology, tools and client support to integrate sustainability metrics to unlock business value. To support life cycle assessment, PRé has developed SimaPro, one of the leading LCA software used by industry, consultancies, and research institutes in more than 80 countries.

The assignment

The Life Cycle Initiative started a new project: Linking the UN Sustainable Development Goals to life cycle impact pathway frameworks. This project is managed by 2.-0 LCA and PRé Consultants.


The UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development includes 17 Sustainable Development Goals and 169 accompanying targets, with 230 indicators so far. Two years after their publication, these goals are still not widely implemented in business practice, and the sheer number of targets and indicators carries an obvious risk of cherry-picking and sub-optimal decision-making. One of the problems is that the 169 indicators were developed for governments and NGOs and not for business. For instance, none of the indicators underlying the Climate goal have business relevance: they all focus on policies, subsidies, etc. The Business and Sustainable Development Commission reports that the first hurdle is re-interpreting the indicators to link them to business, especially to decisions around product strategy and development.


In line with the Life Cycle Initiative vision, the project brings the qualitative and quantitative impact pathway thinking from Life Cycle Impact Assessment to bear on the 17 SDGs. It will investigate a range of options ranging from qualitative to screening approaches to fully quantified end-point metrics solutions. The first step will be to identify and invite decision-makers who represent government, business and consumers and relevant experts from the LCA and SDG research fields. Together, we will then establish an agenda for discussion, to understand:

  1. the context of how SDGs are being used by decision-makers
  2. how LCA-based metrics can contribute to that
  3. the requirements and wishes of the various stakeholders
  4. the need for capacity building.

The project has two parts, a qualitative (screening) approach that links existing LCA and social LCA approaches to the SDG, and a fully quantitative part, that basically redevelops LCA. The first approach is developed by PRé, and the focus of the assignment is on this approach. Read more:

We have already done the basis for SDG 2 and 3.


Internship period

The internship preferably starts in October 2019 and lasts for at least 5-6 months.


Your profile

  • Master student in the last year of studies
  • Solid knowledge of life cycle assessment, SDGs and preferably SimaPro
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Fluent in spoken and written English
  • EU citizen or work permit for the Netherlands



The assignment is a combination of research and pragmatic, hands-on work. You will be working closely with Mark Goedkoop, the founder of PRé, and one of our consultants.


We offer

An interesting assignment in the field of LCA software and sustainability. You will receive an internship allowance.



If you would like to respond to this assignment, please send your motivation letter and CV to Mrs Margreet Riedstra, HR advisor, email: For more questions, you can contact Mr Mark Goedkoop, tel: + 31 6 53116034

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