EVENT | SETAC Europe 29th Annual Meeting takes place in Helsinki on May 26-30. PRé will be present to share one of our projects and discuss the latest developments in the field.
Discussing the results of LCA with business people is not always easy. With the new Environmental Prices method in SimaPro 9.0, you can express impacts in a metric that is intuitive and clear: money.
The UN Sustainable Development Goals are an inspiration to many companies. But how do you measure your company’s impact on them? Two new approaches are being developed to shed light and help you get concrete.
Assessing the sustainability of investments is becoming increasingly important for investors, to guard against financial or reputation loss. PRé and partner Finch & Beak can show you how.
We are happy to introduce SimaPro 9.0! The latest version of SimaPro comes with an updated database system for increased speed and stability. We also included ecoinvent 3.5 plus the latest methods.

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