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SimaPro 8 | Database and Methods Library

SimaPro contains a number of impact assessment methods, which are used to calculate impact assessment results. This manual describes how the various impact assessment methods are implemented in SimaPro. Download the free manual.

Energy and Transport data for PEF/OEF studies

PEF SERIES | The Product Environmental Footprint (PEF) approach is game-changing in product assessment. This week, we give a short update on the first building block towards EF-compliant data, the energy and transport data

Guidance For Modelling The Use Stage

PEF SERIES | The use stage of products is a challenge for LCA: the impact can be high, and the underlying assumptions uncertain. PEF provides guidance to PEFCR developers on how to deal with use-stage modelling and reporting. Read on to learn more.

GLAD Is Great: About the Global LCA Access to Data Initiative

LCA data standards have always been a tricky topic - to come to an alignment, many parties need to be on the same page. Ever since life cycle thinking started, attempts to find consensus have been unsuccessful. We're glad that we now have GLAD.

Global Guidance for LCIA Indicators and Methods - Towards Standardisation and Communication

Standardisation of LCIA methods was the focus of this year's SETAC Pellston Workshop. The results: big steps towards consensus on recommended indicators, which will make doing, interpreting and communicating LCA results easier and more efficient.

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