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On World Water Day, Paula Bernstein talks about how water footprinting helps you understand and manage your water use and even protect your company from physical, regulatory and reputation risks, adding an actionable dimension to your environmental KPIs.
Part of the European Commission’s Environmental Footprinting initiative is testing its new rules with real products. PRé and Ecomatters reviewed 40 studies, uncovering useful information that will be used to refine the rules.
The updated method enhances accuracy in quantifying life cycle impacts on human health, ecosystem services and natural resources. Laura Golsteijn explains the applications and shares experiences.
What is good enough in LCA? Something is needed for visual representation of 'flat' models, like a list of investments, for example. That was the reason to develop BioScope, driven by the Dutch Platform for Biodiversity, Ecosystems & Economy
HUNTINGTON, VT – EARTHSHIFT announced this week that the company will change its name to Long Trail Sustainability (LTS), effective immediately.

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