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We release this extra methods update to give our SimaPro users early access the ILCD recommended LCIA midpoint methods and important updates to the ReCiPe and TRACI methods
People, planet, and profit are considered the three pillars of sustainability. We can define economic and environmental sustainability, and metrics and indicators exist for both. But social sustainability relates to the quality of life... What is "quality of life"?
Most companies limit social metrics to the upstream part of their value chains. The focus is usually on social audits of suppliers’ working conditions and human rights violations. So, what is really the typical scope of social sustainability metrics?
PRé has a long history of supporting product sustainability with a focus on environmental issues, from developing methods to making tools available to a wide range of organizations. One relatively new demand has emerged over the past few years was posed by frontrunners who want to help their companies to go beyond the norm by addressing social sustainability in a similar way.
A pioneer in the LCA field, PRé is now expanding into the exciting arena of social metrics. To that end, PRé has conceived of a Social Pioneers Roundtable, to encourage participation and discussion among businesses. We talked with Markus Laubscher, senior scientist and sustainable innovation expert at Philips, to find out about the company’s long-standing commitment to social issues, and their particular aspirations for the Social Pioneers Roundtable.

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