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About Climate Change, Global Warming and Disaster Risk reduction... and how sustainablity practitioners can help companies take action against climate change; using LCA metrics and indicators.
Circular economy business models are inspirational, but 'Reduce, reuse and recycle' may cause unexpected impacts. So, how do you know whether your circular approach or design is actually good for the planet? Be inspired, and use LCA for clarity.
For AgroFair, a large banana importer looking to differentiate its products, PRé developed the easy-to-use Pesticide Footprint tool to quantify the toxic impacts of pesticides on human health and freshwater ecosystems.
The European Commission's Environmental Footprinting Initiative pilot phase is coming to an end. Participants shared what they learned in a masterclass, answering questions from a wide range of companies interested in the outcomes.
To create value from sustainability, you need both a solid sustainability strategy and detailed LCA data. How can we bring these worlds together? The recipe for success is to embrace both inspirational ideas and hard, concrete facts.

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