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The EN 15804 Standard: More Challenges Than Benefits

Standards are very important, especially in complex industries such as construction. But sometimes they cause more challenges than they solve, as is the case with the EN 15804 building standard. A guest post by researcher Sahar Mirzaie.

Biodiversity Part 2: Land Use And Biodiversity

In our biodiversity series, we account for the effects of biodiversity in impact assessment. In this article, we tie land use to loss of biodiversity. What has the biggest impact, land conversion or land use? And who do we hold responsible?

Quantifying Your Activities' Impact on Biodiversity

Biodiversity provides a lot of value to humankind, directly or indirectly, and often in ways you don't immediately realise. In this article, we discuss how to work with current LCA methods, albeit imperfect, to assess your impact on biodiversity.

Biodiversity Part 1: Our Impact on Biodiversity

Biodiversity is an important topic for sustainability professionals and policymakers. In this article, we start to unravel biodiversity impact assessment. Some starting points: how do you define nature? And why is nature so valuable?

PRé and SAC Develop Tailored Tools for Sustainable Product Development

CASE | For the Sustainable Apparel Coalition, a global alliance of apparel, footwear and home textile companies, PRé developed three tools for sustainable product development. The tools focus on material sustainability, ecodesign and data gathering.

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