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Many exciting initiatives started to bear fruit in 2016, and sustainability in business seems just about ready to enter the mainstream. Let's look back on what happened this year and what still needs to be done, and look forward to 2017.
INTERVIEW with Rik Oldenkamp | In 2015, a study uncovered that Volkswagen Group had been cheating with their emissions test. In this interview, we talk about how robust metrics contributed to explain the impacts of the fraud on human health damage.
News about the PEF initiative: the pilot phase is being extended to ensure the best outcomes and to pave the way for straightforward implementation. Read on to find out what goals are still to be met in this phase, and for the new schedule.
In our biodiversity series, we discuss the impact assessment of biodiversity. In this article, we link climate change to biodiversity and pose one final question for all sustainability professionals and policy makers interested in biodiversity.
Standards are very important, especially in complex industries such as construction. But sometimes they cause more challenges than they solve, as is the case with the EN 15804 building standard. A guest post by researcher Sahar Mirzaie.

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