Carbon Footprint Consulting – A Sustainability Classic

Emissions of greenhouse gases and associated climate change are by far the most important environmental issues at the moment, and all sectors are involved. If your company wants to develop carbon footprints, PRé’s consulting services can help in the way you need.

Leverage The Influence Your Company Has Over Its Carbon Emissions

Reporting your greenhouse gas emissions and setting reduction targets can be a great way to drive additional business value (see Carbon Disclosure Project). In a sense, ‘carbon footprinting’ is a misleading term: about 72% of the climate change impact is caused by carbon dioxide emissions from burning fossil fuels, and the rest is caused by emissions of methane, nitrous oxide and various other chemicals. Most companies have more influence over greenhouse gas emissions related to their products than they think – there are many ways to influence emission reductions upstream in the supply chain and downstream at the use and disposal phases.


For your company to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions, you need transparent communication and cooperation with suppliers and users. The first step is getting insight into all greenhouse gas emissions in the life cycles of your company’s products and identifying hotspot and reduction opportunities. Carbon footprinting is an excellent instrument to do this.


Get Started Right With Expert Help

Doing a carbon footprint requires a lot of knowledge about life cycle assessment rules: choosing the right standard, defining the functional unit, setting the system boundaries, choosing the most appropriate allocation methods, modelling end-of-life, etc. In some cases, you also need knowledge about specific issues such as carbon uptake, biogenic emissions, and land-use change. Building this capacity is a big investment, and in many cases it is most efficient to outsource carbon footprinting to a qualified consultancy firm, at least in the beginning.


PRé has ample experience with accurate and efficient carbon footprinting for companies. We also help companies review their environmental performance to discover opportunities for improvement and drive additional business value. If you are interested in doing your company’s carbon footprinting yourself, take a look at the carbon footprinting features with SimaPro.  PRé offers SimaPro training to enable your employees to independently do carbon footprints and analyses of other environmental impact categories. Every footprint study and training can be tailored to your company’s needs.


Why Choose PRé?

PRé is a pioneer in the field of sustainability metrics. We have assisted big multinationals as Unilever, Heineken, BASF and DSM and worked for many industries for years. We also provide the world's most widely used LCA software, SimaPro, and offer LCA and SimaPro training.

"For several years now, we have had an ongoing relationship with PRé. Each year, a dedicated consultant calculates the CO2 reduction achieved by recycling electronic devices. We use the data for awareness campaigns in various communication channels. We are very happy with PRé's accuracy and professionality.”

Hendrik Bijker, Manager Participants Business & Projects, Wecycle


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