Critical review of your LCA

An independent third-party critical review enhances the credibility of your LCA studies. PRé has over 25 years of experience in performing and chairing critical reviews, and our consultants would be happy to review and verify your LCA approach, methodology and results.

LCA Critical Review Consulting


Why doing an independent critical review

An independent third-party critical review can be recommended or mandatory for external communication purposes. Usually, a single expert review is sufficient for a single-product assessment, whereas a panel review (with two or more reviewers) is required for comparative studies.


PRé’s critical review process ensures that:

  • The data you used is appropriate
  • Your methods are scientifically valid
  • Your interpretation is comprehensive and meets the goals of the study
  • Your study is transparently documented and consistent with the selected standard


After a critical review, you know you can rely on the credibility of your LCA. Contact our consultants to set up a review. Are you looking for a more high-level evaluation of your sustainability approach? Then take a look at our metrics verification services.

For a large Dutch beverage company, PRé did an independent verification of their carbon footprint metrics system. This helped discover opportunities for improvement, and provided guidance to drive additional business value.

Carbon Footprint Verification, Multinational Brewery


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