Communicating LCA results in the colourants industry

CASE STUDY | For Holland Colours, a manufacturer of colorants and additives for the plastics industry, PRé helped communicate their life cycle assessment results to employees and other businesses in the value chain in a clear, straightforward way.

January 22, 2014

Holland Colours | Communicating LCA Results in the Plastics Industry


Additives Influence the Environmental Performance of Plastics

Colorants and additives play a large role in the plastics industry – they help create the vast variety in plastics that is available today. And while they may only constitute a small percentage of the final weight of a product, the various additives and colorants contribute significantly to the final product’s environmental performance.


Making Better Business Decisions through Life Cycle Assessment

Holland Colours, a manufacturer of additives and colorants for the plastics industry, place a high value on sustainability. They conducted life cycle assessments (LCA) for several of their products, to understand how choosing the right colorants and additives can improve the environmental performance of the final product. PRé was involved to help Holland Colours put these findings into context and translate them into simple but meaningful terms. This helps Holland Colours identify improvement opportunities and improve internal and external communications. For more information on this project, please read the full case study.


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