Comparing PEF and EPD For Construction Products

A large construction trade association was interested in comparing PEF and EPD to improve its reporting. Therefore, PRé did PEF studies on two equivalent products and compared the results to EPDs based on the EN 15804 standard.

ng PEF and EPD for construction


Keeping An Eye On Future Developments

In the construction sector, sustainability is a very important topic. After the release of the EN 15804 standard, which specifies how to do environmental product declarations (EPDs), producers of construction materials embraced EPDs and the LCA methodology needed to make them. However, new assessment methodologies are constantly being developed, such as the product environmental footprint (PEF).


The PEF methodology, developed by the European Commission, has recently become publically available. For a large trade organisation in construction, this was a good moment to look at what PEF has to offer and how it compares to the earlier studies based on EN 15804.


The Differences Between Standards Made Visible

PRé did PEF studies for two equivalent construction products that had earlier been assessed with EN 15804. During the study, we kept close track of the differences between this study and the earlier studies, and were able to provide the trade organisation with a detailed overview of the PEF results, the comparison between the two products and the comparison between the two standards.


The model created for the PEF studies is parameterised, which means it is easily updated with new methodological developments and can also be applied to products of member companies. For more information, please read the full case study [PDF]; or just send us your question.

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