Conversion of ACYVIA database from SimaPro to ILCD format

CASE STUDY | For ADEME, PRé converted their ACYVIA agri-food industries database from the SimaPro format into the widely known and used ILCD format. This brings the ACYVIA database to a wider audience.

By Elsa Valencia on October 31, 2018

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Different formats for different tools

As the concept of life cycle analysis becomes more widespread, it is to be expected that different tools and information standards arise. Creators of databases want their hard work to be useful. LCA practitioners want to use the best information for their analysis. The International Reference Life Cycle Data System (ILCD) provides a common basis for consistent, robust and quality-assured life cycle data, and a format for databases. PRé has the expertise to convert databases from many formats into many other formats.


Converting the ACYVIA database

The French ADEME created its ACYVIA database in the SimaPro format. To allow it to reach a wider audience, PRé has converted it into the ILCD format. Now, LCA practitioners can form a more complete picture of the French agri-food sector, combining the agri-food industry data in ACYVIA with the existing AGRIBALYSE agricultural database. The data is made available in disaggregated format, so LCA practitioners can adapt it to make it representative for their context. For more information, read the full case.

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