Argos - Product Sustainability Program Development

CASE STUDY | For international cement producer Argos, PRé started on the development of a product sustainability program to help position Argos' products. This case describes Phases 1 and 2 - planning and implementing the program.

Product Sustainability Program Development for Argos


The Challenge

Argos, an international cement and concrete producer, sought to effectively position itself as a market leader in sustainability and to differentiate its products through sustainability-based communication.


PRé Solution

Developing a robust and successful product sustainably program can be daunting task. Working with Argos, PRé helped to tackle this challenge by using a step-wise approach, dividing the project into two phases: planning (Phase I) and implementation (Phase II). Separating the project ensured that adequate time was spent designing the program and surveying the landscape in order to minimize issues during implementation. Phase I included a literary review and several interviews with members of trade associations, research institutions, and environmental organizations.

Business Value

Working with PRé, Argos discovered the following project-driven benefits:

  • An increased regional awareness of the sustainability program and its objectives
  • An approach to promote value-added products and communicate advantages to customers
  • A defined framework for a product sustainability platform to differentiate itself within the market
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