Developing a sustainability metrics integration plan for a fibreglass company

CASE STUDY | For a leading fibreglass company, PRé developed a sustainability metrics integration plan. This allows the company to build the sustainability capacity it needs to answer customer queries and create more sustainable products.

By Marisa Vieira on May 27, 2015


Improving The Environmental Performance Of Chemical Processes

Reducing the environmental impacts of chemical processes is an interesting, but difficult task. Reducing impacts in one category may mean increasing impacts in another category. This was also the case for a leading fibreglass company: to make glass without producing harmful emissions, a much higher temperature was needed, increasing energy consumption and requiring investment in more efficient combustion techniques to keep impacts low. Improving chemical processes is not the only way that such companies can improve their sustainability performance, though.


Building Sustainability Capability Throughout The Business

For the fibreglass company, PRé developed a sustainability metrics integration plan to build sustainability capability throughout the business. First, we assessed the current situation via a thorough landscaping process. Second, we identified and prioritised improvement opportunities and set goals. Third, we created an extensive road map to implement the changes needed to reach these goals. This will allow the company to achieve better communication with suppliers, customers and stakeholders, improve its environmental performance, and benefit from sustainable innovation opportunities.


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Marisa Vieira
Marisa Vieira
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