The European Commission’s Ecomodelling Framework Tool

CASE STUDY | Many instruments and models are used by the Directorate for Growth and Innovation of the European Commission's Joint Research Centre (DG JRC) for policy making of energy-related products. Now, the Ecomodelling Framework Tool combines those models into a single tool.

By Elsa Valencia, Jori Coustillas on July 19, 2018


A multitude of models in policy-making: which one to choose?

Sustainability as a concept is becoming much more mainstream. This is, of course, excellent news: the more smart minds focus on this complex topic, the better the policies the European Commission can propose and the more the planet benefits. The drawback is that this results in the creation of many different models and instruments, each with something good to say. Policy-makers simply do not have the time to go through all those models by hand. Not to mention trying to reconcile the results of each into a coherent new policy.


A tool that aggregates multiple ecomodelling models and instruments

The Ecomodelling Framework Tool is designed as a solution to this problem. It is a standalone tool that integrates a variety of models in a user-friendly package, allowing users to perform calculations about energy-related products. It provides key information about sustainable consumption, performs economic and impact assessments and carries out techno-economic characterisations.


The European Commission’s Joint Research Centre uses these results to evaluate the impact of potential policies on consumers and industry, employment, consumption and the environment. The results will also be made available to others.


For more information, read the full case study. 

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‘I believe we all have expertise that we can use to do something to improve our relationship with the world, and that we need to use scientific methods and tools that objectively guide us when making decisions. Sustainability and sustainability metrics have been the main topic of my career. I enjoy helping clients from different backgrounds and regions to understand how they can tackle today’s challenges with integrated tools that go beyond only technical solutions.’

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‘I believe companies and organisations need to make drastic changes in the way they do business. In my opinion, LCA is the best tool to help people focus on actually relevant changes. It can help companies steer in more sustainable directions without falling for obvious, but sometimes misleading, options.’

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