Environmental Product Performance of Building Materials

CASE STUDY | For Argos, PRé completed LCAs of 13 building materials, establishing a baseline for environmental product performance. This is the basis of Argos’ Product Sustainability Program, helping them guide improvements and differentiate themselves.


Sustainability Standards in the Building Industry

The building industry is making a move towards sustainability. Certification standards for green building, such as LEEDv4, help project developers make sustainable choices in the design and construction of buildings. One of the ways to gain LEED credits for a building is to use sustainable materials with an environmental product declaration (EPD), a label that quickly and clearly communicates environmental information about a building material.


Argos, an international cement and concrete producer, is implementing a company-wide Product Sustainability Program. Part of this program is working towards creating EPDs for all its environmentally friendly building materials. PRé helped them take an important first step by establishing a baseline for environmental product performance, consisting of 13 LCAs. Argos can use this baseline to measure its innovation progress.


Working Towards a Full Set of Environmental Product Declarations

Argos’ goal is to complete LCAs for its environmentally preferred new products by 2020. This will give them the means to differentiate their products within the marketplace and to access the new market of project developers who only work with products labelled with an environmental product declaration.

The approach we developed for these first 13 LCAs can easily be expanded to meet this goal. For more information on this approach, please read the full case studies:


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