Expert review of an assessment tool for e-waste recycling in Europe

CASE STUDY | Electronics waste, or e-waste, is growing fast. For WEEE Forum, PRé completed databases and did an expert review of their e-waste recycling assessment tool, comparing various recycling scenarios.

By Laura Golsteijn on April 17, 2018

E-waste recycling


Keeping up with the times in waste recycling

Even in countries where recycling (and assessment of its benefits) is well established, changing times require us to re-evaluate our approach. E-waste – computers, TV sets, refrigerators and mobile devices that have reached the end of their useful life – is one of the fastest-growing waste streams. Unlike with some other waste streams, one of the challenges with recycling of e-waste is that electronics contain a lot of very valuable components and minerals. The difference between good, adequate and nonexistent recycling is stark, in terms of CO2 emissions avoided and cumulative energy demand saved.


Reviewing WEEE Forum’s e-waste assessment tool

The WEEE Forum is a European association speaking for 36 not-for-profit e-waste producer responsibility organisations (PROs). They developed a tool to help their members assess and communicate the environmental benefits of their recycling activities, something that was not yet available in all members. PRé was asked to help WEEE Forum complete the databases underlying the tool and to do an independent review of the tool’s methodology. As a result, they were able to evaluate and improve the tool and its documentation, better serving the WEEE Forum members.


For more information, please read the full case study.

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