LCA updates for DSM’s Eco+ Program

CASE STUDY | For companies truly investing in sustainability, doing life cycle assessment (LCA) studies is not just a one-time thing. Regular updates – done in-house or by an external expert – are very valuable.

By Katarzyna Cenian on November 13, 2018

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What’s better than measuring? Monitoring!

For companies just getting started in sustainability, doing LCAs of your products and services is an excellent first step. An LCA shows you how your product is doing in terms of environmental impact and where you can find the largest impacts, which is useful information if you want to make changes. But what is even better is repeating these LCAs at a regular interval: this shows you how the previous changes have improved your impacts and alerts you to other changes in your products’ supply chains.


Do it yourself or have it done

DSM is a leading innovator in the fields of nutrition, health and sustainable living. To continuously improve the environmental performance of their products, they already have an established habit of regular updates of the impact assessment studies of their portfolio. Usually, in-house LCA experts do these updates. Recently, due to a high workload for their in-house expertise, they outsourced some of that work to PRé. We made sure the updates met all the requirements and we also provided some additional updates.


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"PRé updated some of our comparative LCA studies. The work delivered was of high quality and clearly written. As the approach of the study was aligned with DSM’s internal requirements and best practices, the results could instantly be used. I am always happy to recommend PRé to other companies!"

Dave Morris, Global Competence Leader Life Cycle Assessment, DSM

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“I started working with LCA because I was determined to find out whether the processes I designed in the lab would not only be economically feasible but also benefit the environment. Soon, LCA took hold, making me assess many aspects of my daily life. I see overconsumption wherever I look and I would like to help companies understand and minimise their impacts, while leaving them free to develop their products.”

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