Monitoring the impact of LED sign lighting systems

CASE STUDY | For UNETO-VNI, PRé conducted an LCA on the environmental performance of seven LED sign lighting systems. This helps them understand which performance indicators are important, and communicate to their member companies how to compare and improve their products.

February 05, 2014

UNETO-VNI | Monitoring the impact of led sign lighting systems



Measuring the Environmental Impact of LED Sign Lighting Systems

LED lights are hailed as the future of lighting, including commercial signage. With their lower power consumption, longer lifespan, better durability and low heat output, LED lighting systems have many financial and environmental benefits over neon, incandescent and CFL commercial lighting systems. But are there large differences in environmental performance between different LED lighting systems? And what performance indicator is most important?


Finding Meaningful Environmental Performance Indicators

UNETO-VNI, a Dutch trade organization for contracting installing companies and technical retailers, provides its member companies with clear, useful information that helps them compare and improve their products. They approached PRé to help analyse the environmental performance and quality of currently available LED sign lighting systems, including long-term evaluation of environmental performance indicators. 

To accomplish this, we first did a life cycle assessment of the selected systems to determine key environmental performance indicators for LED lighting systems. Then we helped UNETO-VNI set up a five-year monitoring phase to study long-term environmental impact.


For more information on the approach and results of this study, and its business value, please read the full case study or contact our experts.



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