Supply chain scan to expand a sustainability program

CASE STUDY | Midwestern convenience store chain Kum & Go requested a full supply chain scan to analyse their environmental impacts. This reinforces their sustainability focus areas of Efficient, Renewable, Safe, Restorative, and Responsible.

August 23, 2012

Kum & Go | Supply Chain Scan to Expand a Sustainability Program

Quantifiable Results

PRé conducted a supply chain scan of products sold at Kum & Go stores, including fuel, merchandise, food, and tobacco products, by using sales data and the Comprehensive Environmental Data Archive (CEDA). The results provided a quantitative backbone by identifying the largest environmental impacts, even when they occurred two or three tiers removed from Kum & Go.


A time and cost-saving maneuver, the power of this approach lies in the use of two different types of data: financial and environmental. By utilizing data that is already gathered (financial) and linking it to a comprehensive environmental database (CEDA), Kum & Go and PRé identified and prioritized opportunities to understand and address environmental impacts occurring upstream in its supply chain.


Business value | Cost-Saving Conclusions

Results of the scan indicated that the sale of petroleum-based fuels was the dominant contributor to supply chain environmental impacts, reinforcing Kum & Go’s commitment to offer biofuels to its customers. Another finding was that energy efficiency could be encouraged within the packaged beverage sector, and sustainable agriculture prioritized in the area of food and beverage and tobacco.


By looking at the entire supply chain, PRé was able to identify the largest contributors to impacts, even when they were not direct retail purchases, and therefore not evident by expenditure purchases alone. Through this successful screening, Kum & Go can expand its sustainability program and prioritize the opportunities for improvement in a cost-effective way.


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