Develop | Sustainability Metrics Package

Develop the methods, tools, training and communication needed for the first steps on your roadmap. Together with a clear engagement strategy, this will define your Sustainability Metrics Package

METRICS SYSTEM | Define and develop the sustainability metrics for your organisation’s sustainability objectives

Define & develop appropriate sustainability assessment methods and KPI’s

We’ll assess the life cycle of your products to define the right methods and KPI’s to help you to identify hotspots and manage your product portfolio.  Ultimately this helps you to drive business value and improve the performance of your current value chains and future innovation.

Sustainability Metric tools for data collection, product modelling and reporting

Select the sustainability metric tools to measure, manage and report your product portfolio performance.  Our tools will empower your business teams to autonomously drive sustainability performance.

ENGAGEMENT STRATEGY | Build stakeholder ownership  and maximize engagement to develop a shared mindset about sustainability issues and priorities

Define sustainability Task Force

Identify who in your organization to involve in your sustainability activities, from governance and steering teams to key change agents across the business. Accessing business value is impossible without building capability across Purchasing, R&D, Marketing and Operations teams.

Define training materials to develop organisational capabilities

Define a training program and create materials that meet the specific needs of your business teams. From expert LCA competence centers to casual cross-functional users. The right training engages and motives your business teams and provides the awareness and confidence to improve sustainability performance.

Establish monitoring and reporting process

Develop your monitoring program, performance dashboards and reporting needs and templates.  Monitoring systems establish baselines and help you to assess ongoing performance.  The appropriate data can be simply linked to dashboards and reporting templates to communicate performance and enhance reputation and engagement with internal and external stakeholders.

External communication materials

Develop external communication material to enhance the sustainability and transparency of your supply chain and promote collaboration.

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Eric Mieras
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