Environmental Communication

We can help you develop a communication strategy to inform relevant stakeholders and clients about the environmental performance of your product or service.

Addressing environmental and sensitive issues all starts with a strategy.

Climate change, scarce resources, pollution, and population growth are problems that we must address now.  PRé Consultants has been working with clients to find solutions to environmental issues for over 25 years.


Why do we need environmental communication?

  • Complexity of environmental issues
  • Comprehension gap: what the public knows and understands differs greatly from the knowledge of experts
  • Risk management: distinctions between passive/uncontrollable or active/voluntary actions
  • Large scale interventions

Our consultancy team can provide environmental communication strategies that are either worked collaboratively with your staff, or autonomously under a brief. Additionally, we can develop environmental claims, environmental product declarations (EPDs) or other labelling programs according to your needs.



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Eric Mieras
Eric Mieras
Managing Director
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