How is the ILCD 2011 Midpoint+ method implemented in SimaPro?

The ILCD 2011 Midpoint+ method as implemented in SimaPro is based on the spreadsheet as published on the JRC website ( The spreadsheet only contains characterization factors for flows that are included in the ILCD elementary flow list ( This flow list is not the same as the flow list in SimaPro. Therefore, the ILCD flows needed to be converted to SimaPro nomenclature and gaps had to be filled by assuming the same factors for several equivalent flows in SimaPro. For example, particulates with different specifications, metals from different ores, fossil resources with different calorific values, and specific land use types for land occupation and land transformation flows. Additionally, the list of country specific flows for the water resource depletion category was completed in line with the original method.


The only correction that was applied is for the biogenic methane emission to air to take the uptake of carbon dioxide that precedes the methane emission into account. This means that for all other flows, the original factors as in the spreadsheets of the JRC are found in SimaPro, even though we know that the spreadsheets contain several errors. The reason for this is that the instructions from the European Commission are clear that the factors in the spreadsheets shall be used for compliance with the PEF/OEF Guides.


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