Implement | Sustainability Metrics Integration

Sustainability in your organization needs to be integrated by building internal organisation capability, establishing the necessary data management system and facilitating collaboration

BUILD CAPABILITY | Deliver the program across the relevant business areas

Roll-out the training program

Build organisational capability through training and empowerment of your employees staff to meet your sustainability objectives. This includes expert competence centres for internal LCA expertise, and non-experts in your sustainability program and simple product assessment and interpretation.

Put the metrics system into practice

At the start, you may require some hand holding and we can support you on-site or via a helpdesk.  We can help you to build your data management system, monitor how well the metrics system performs, review assessments, or support the Sustainability team to engage and communicate the program to broader teams across the business.

COLLABORATION Increasing performance through sharing

Identify & develop collaboration programs

Sustainability challenges cannot be solved in isolation and once to gain insight into your hotspots and capabilities, many questions arise on how to improve sustainability performance.  Using our network and facilitation, we can help identify and develop collaboration programs, engaging useful partners. From cross sector best practice, to research bodies and supply chain partner programs to improve specific impact issues.  We can also introduce you to the broader sustainability metrics networks such as The Sustainability Consortium and WBCSD.

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Eric Mieras
Eric Mieras
Managing Director
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