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The Role Of The Representative Product In The PEF Approach
The Product Environmental Footprint (PEF) approach is a game-changing initiative in LCA, with effects and ramifications that we are only just beginning to understand. Today in PRé’s PEF series: What is a European representative product? And how do these products play a crucial role in the development of specific rules for product environmental footprinting of the various product groups?
WEBINAR: Towards Sustainable Food and LCA Development
Watch this recorded webinar to find out more about recent developments in Life Cycle Assessment and their implications for the agricultural sector en de LCA community.
Complementing The Circular Economy With LCA
The circular economy has gotten a level of attention that we shouldn’t waste. It has rapidly been positioned as an important vision that mobilises business strategies and governmental plans, clarifies the big picture and shows the connections, flows and feedbacks between systems.
State of the art of LCA in business
At PRé we’re committed to empower LCA and sustainability practitioners to increase their impact, because we believe Life Cycle Thinking can make sustainability decisions more fact-based.
How To Make Your LCA Results Relevant For Other Departments
LCA studies often end up unused at the bottom of a pile. This is a waste of valuable information that could benefit all departments, from marketing to R&D. The challenge of the LCA practitioner is to make other departments understand the value of LCA studies for their work.
Finding Your Way In Multifunctional Processes And Recycling
Since the beginning of LCA, there have been two major issues on which we will probably never reach consensus: how to deal with multifunctional processes and with recycling. This article tries to explain the concepts underlying this question.
Three Tips For Sharing Your LCA Results With Non-experts
LCA results can be difficult to understand for people not used to working with it. Yet your results can only be truly useful if the rest of your company understands their importance and impact. This article provides a few tips on how to best share your LCA results with non-experts.
Recorded Webinar | Introduction to ecoinvent version 3
This the recording of ecoinvent's webinar about the latest version of the database, ecoinvent version 3.1.
Why My LCA Scores Radically Changed After The ecoinvent Update
With each upgrade of an LCI database, LCA practitioners need to be aware that their results might change. PRé’s LCA expert Tommie Ponsioen researches the extent of the changes caused by updating from ecoinvent 2.2 to 3.1.
Why Food And Beverage LCAs Are Difficult To Do
Compared to several other sectors, such as the packaging, household and personal care, transport and building sectors, food and beverage LCA are only just catching up. What is it about the food and beverage sector that makes it so difficult to do good LCAs?
Weighting: Applying a Value Judgement to LCA Results
This is the third in a series of articles where PRé’s own consultants explain a step in the LCIA process. Ellen Brilhuis-Meijer is an experienced technical consultant at PRé. She helps companies understand their effect on the environment and make better decisions. This article explains weighting, the fourth step in LCIA, and the controversies in the field.
Normalisation: New Developments in Normalisation Sets
This is the second in a series of articles where PRé's own consultants explain a step in the LCIA process and the way their own expertise fits into that step. Tommie Ponsioen is a technical consultant at PRé, with expertise in LCA methodology and database development. This article explains normalisation, the third step in LCIA, and describes new developments in the field.
Characterisation: New Developments for Toxicity
This is the first in a series of articles where PRé's own consultants explain a step in the LCA process and the way their own expertise fits into that step. First up is Laura Golsteijn, who is not just an expert on characterisation in LCIA, but also earned a PhD based on her original characterisation research.
Five Crucial LCA Features in SimaPro
Our technical consultant and SimaPro teacher, Ellen Brilhuis-Meijer, will show you five features in SimaPro which, in her opinion, are crucial for calculating high-quality LCAs.
SimaPro 8 | Introduction to LCA
The Introduction to LCA Manual explains the basic theory of LCA. Download the free manual.
SimaPro 8 | SimaPro Tutorial Manual
In this tutorial we aim to guide you through your first experience with SimaPro by taking you through a series of simplified examples. Download the free tutorial and get started today.
Why Food Sustainability LCAs Make Up a Full 25% of All Published LCAs
Food sustainability is perhaps one of the most crucial areas for the LCA industry and for consumers. This is the first in a serie of articles that will be highlighting important questions and developments in the field of agricultural LCA. First up: why is agriculture-related LCA such a huge topic?
Update Instructions (from 8.0 to 8.0.2)
This document describes how to update your current SimaPro 8.0.0 or 8.0.1 to version 8.0.2, and update your database with the corrected version of ecoinvent v3 libraries plus corrected Methods library. If you have already done an update of your database from SimaPro 7, a correction will be made in the use of waste treatment processes in projects that were transferred to use ecoinvent v3 data.
Consider Your Audience When Doing Impact Assessment
One of the strong points of Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) is that it is based on scientific data, making it one of the more reliable methods to determine environmental impacts. It is unavoidable that an LCA process also results in a lot of new data.
Updated Carbon Footprint Calculation Factors
Scientific insight is continuously improving, providing us with information that helps our impact assessment calculations be more accurate and better able to predict environmental impacts and how much our products contribute to climate change.
Water Use Modelling With ecoinvent v3 Opens New Possibilities
A presentation by ecoinvent about increased focus on water use impacts, new LCIA methodologies and data on water withdrawel.
Consequential database | The use of system expansion as allocation principle
The consequential database is one of the major innovations in the ecoinvent v3 database. We offer an example based on one important feature in the consequential database: the use of system expansion as allocation principle. What happens if two almost equally large amounts are subtracted?
Webinar | Assessing Water Use and Impacts using LCA: New Methods and Data
Join PRé for an overview of the newly available water data and footprinting methods, and their inclusion in SimaPro 8.
LCA Database ecoinvent v3 is here | More models, more datasets, more consistency
Gregor Wernet, ecoinvent's Executive Manager, about the release of the new version of world's most used LCA database, ecoinvent v3.
Life cycle assessment example of hand dryer options
Marisa Vieira, technical Consultant at PRé explains how to perfoms a life cycle assessment with SimaPro.
Standards and Guidelines
A centralized overview of standards can help companies to better understand the developments of global and regional reporting standards and guidelines, which are applicable to their company or products. read the whitepaper on Standards and Guidelines
Interview | Ecoinvent’s global influence
Recently, SimaPro 8 was released, equipped with an updated ecoinvent v3 database. The ecoinvent v3 database offers the users amongst other the choice between different system models. An interview with ecoinvent's Chief Scientist Bo Weidema.
ecoinvent v3 | What is new in the ecoinvent database?
In May of 2013, the Centre released the latest version of its life cycle inventory database: ecoinvent v3. With over 10,000 of LCI datasets in the areas of agriculture, energy supply, transport, biofuels and biomaterials, bulk and speciality chemicals, construction materials, packaging materials, basic and precious metals, metals processing, ICT and electronics as well as waste treatment, ecoinvent offers one of the most comprehensive international LCI databases.
Ecoinvent Methodology Report 2013
The Swiss Centre for Life Cycle Inventories (the ecoinvent Centre) has the mission to promote the use and good practice of life cycle inventory analysis through supplying life cycle inventory (LCI) data to support assessment of the environmental and socio-economic impact of decisions. This report describes the general structure of the ecoinvent database.
Eco-indicator 95 Manuals
Weighting method for environmental effect that damage ecosystems or human health on a European scale.
Eco-indicator 99 Manuals
These manuals are intended to be used by designers and product managers that want to apply the standard Eco-indicator values for the assessment of environmental aspects of product systems.
Swiss Input Output library
What are the environmental impacts of Swiss consumption and production patterns? Developing and applying a methodology for answering this question is the main topic of this report.
SimaPro 8 | Programming the COM Interface
SimaPro is a versatile LCA tool, but in some occasions you need more than a stand-alone tool. For example, if you want to analyze a lot of data automatically you may want to integrate SimaPro and your business software. In the SimaPro Developer version a COM-interface is available. This allows the user to control SimaPro from applications such as Excel, .NET applications, Delphi, PHP
How to Select Relevant Indicators for Decision Making in Sustainability
Though many companies are increasingly assessing the impacts of their products, the focus is often only on climate change. Yet, decisions made solely on the basis of a carbon footprint may result in the shifting of burdens.
What does an LCA do, anyway? A 20 Year perspective
What do carbon footprints, water footprints, environmental product declarations, the GHG protocol, and PAS 2050 all have in common? These metrics, B2B communication platforms, and standards all adopt a life-cycle perspective.

Scientific Publications

PRé Consultants has a solid and diversified experience in research and projects. Find here an overview of scientific publications.


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The LCA discussion list is a global platform to discuss issues related to life cycle assessment and related sustainability issues. Here you can ask the LCA community questions concerning LCA, contribute to various topics and share information. 

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