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SimaPro 8 | Database and Methods Library
SimaPro contains a number of impact assessment methods, which are used to calculate impact assessment results. This manual describes how the various impact assessment methods are implemented in SimaPro. Download the free manual.
SimaPro 8 | Report Maker User Manual
Report Maker allows you to incorporate text and LCA results (graphs and tables) from SimaPro in MS Word and Excel 2010 and up, and keep those updated as per your SimaPro model. Learn how to use Report Maker with this user manual.
SimaPro 8 | What’s new in 8.1.1?
With this release, PRé is happy to introduce a new version: SimaPro Direct which is developed to help you obtain LCA results as efficient as possible. All other updates and improvements can be found in the manual.
WEBINAR: Towards Sustainable Food and LCA Development
Watch this recorded webinar to find out more about recent developments in Life Cycle Assessment and their implications for the agricultural sector en de LCA community.
Agri-footprint: a keystone database for sustainable food worldwide
Worldwide, about 25% of all life cycle assessments are related to the agri-food sector. Good databases such as Agri-footprint therefore have a substantial impact. Agri-footprint has been available to the LCA community since May 2014. In December 2015, Agri-footprint 2.0 will be made available in SimaPro.
SimaPro 8 | What’s new in 8.1.0?
The release of SimaPro 8.1 offers improved modelling capabilities and updates to the Agri-footprint, ELCD, US LCI and Industry Data 2.0 databases. You can now also export data to ILCD format, to make PEF data exchange easier.
Update your SimaPro to 8.0.5 to receive the updated ILCD method
The latest update of SimaPro, version 8.0.5, has just been released. Several changes described below may be especially important to people working with the Product Environmental Footprint Guide. Make sure to apply your update to receive the updated characterisation and normalisation factors of the ILCD method.
SimaPro 8 | What’s new in 8.0.5?
SimaPro 8.0.5 includes the much awaited update of the Plastics Europe data, improvement of methods including ILCD, ReCiPe, BEES and Ecological Scarcity and of course improvements and bug fixes in the software such as updated Graphs, Product Stage import / export and Multi User administration enhancements.
Finding Your Way In Multifunctional Processes And Recycling
Since the beginning of LCA, there have been two major issues on which we will probably never reach consensus: how to deal with multifunctional processes and with recycling. This article tries to explain the concepts underlying this question.
Recorded Webinar | Introduction to ecoinvent version 3
This the recording of ecoinvent's webinar about the latest version of the database, ecoinvent version 3.1.
Why My LCA Scores Radically Changed After The ecoinvent Update
With each upgrade of an LCI database, LCA practitioners need to be aware that their results might change. PRé’s LCA expert Tommie Ponsioen researches the extent of the changes caused by updating from ecoinvent 2.2 to 3.1.
Behind the Scenes at Monte Carlo Simulations
Suppose your life cycle assessment shows that product A is better than B. Will this conclusion still hold if you take into account that most data is likely to fall in a range of possible values? That is, if you take into account the uncertainty in the inventory data?
The Difference Between the ecoinvent 3.1 System Models
With the ecoinvent 3.1 database, released with SimaPro 8.0.4, a new system model is introduced: Allocation, recycled content. This new system model is available in addition to the two system models already present in SimaPro 8.0.0 to 8.0.3: Allocation, default and Consequential.
An Overview Of Water Scarcity Footprinting in SimaPro
The latest SimaPro update, version 8.0.4, adds a water impact assessment method that completes an already extensive set of water footprinting methods. This article gives a brief overview of the water footprinting methods that are available in SimaPro, notes some considerations when choosing a method, and shows SimaPro features that can help with interpretation.
SimaPro 8 | What’s new in 8.0.4?
SimaPro version 8.0.4 has just been released. It includes the new ecoinvent database, v3.1, which now contains more processes and has some important bug fixes. In addition, SimaPro now contains a new water footprint method. This is a summary of the most important updates. For a complete overview, please download the manual.
Improved Pedigree Matrix Approach for ecoinvent
Great news for users of the pedigree matrix uncertainty in ecoinvent. The pedigree approach to deriving uncertainty factors has been refined, now providing uncertainty factors based on empirical data.
Five Crucial LCA Features in SimaPro
Our technical consultant and SimaPro teacher, Ellen Brilhuis-Meijer, will show you five features in SimaPro which, in her opinion, are crucial for calculating high-quality LCAs.
Recorded Webinar | Assessing Water Use and Impacts using LCA
The recording of this SimaPro webinar covers new regionalized water flow data from the ecoinvent v3 database as well as new water footprint methods.
Agri-footprint Database | Methodology and basic principles
Agri-footprint 2.0 is available as a library within SimaPro. The main objective of Agri-footprint is to bring data and methodology together to make it easily available for the LCA community.
Agri-footprint Database | Description of data
This manual describes the data included in the Agri-Footprint database
SimaPro 8 | Introduction to LCA
The Introduction to LCA Manual explains the basic theory of LCA. Download the free manual.
SimaPro 8 | SimaPro Tutorial Manual
In this tutorial we aim to guide you through your first experience with SimaPro by taking you through a series of simplified examples. Download the free tutorial and get started today.
SimaPro 8 | What’s new in 8.0.3?
New feature in SimaPro, new and updated LCI data and update of the method library.
Agricultural LCA Database Agri-footprint Now Available in SimaPro
PRESS RELEASE | PRé Consultants and Blonk Consultants are proud to announce the exclusive release of the agricultural life cycle assessment (LCA) database Agri-footprint in SimaPro, the world’s leading LCA software.
Whitepaper On The SimaPro 8 Calculation Engine
To keep up with the increasing size and complexity of LCA databases, we have overhauled the SimaPro calculation engine. Download the whitepaper to read about the new engine and compare the new and old engines.
Time-Saving Tips for SimaPro LCA Software Users
This list of Tips & Tricks for SimaPro users was originally published by Earthshift, our SimaPro partner in the US. For Tips & Tricks videos, please visit our LCA Learning Library in the Support Corner.
The New Calculation Engine In SimaPro 8
SimaPro 8 has been equipped with a completely new calculation engine. The reason for this is simple. The old calculation engine worked well with life cycle assessment (LCA) models of a few thousand processes. But with the introduction of ecoinvent 3 - resulting in much larger models - SimaPro needed a software update to continue supporting the available data sources.
SimaPro 8 | What is new in SimaPro 8?
PRé is proud to present the new release of SimaPro 8 equipped with an updated database that includes ecoinvent v3. The most important improvements are the introduction of ecoinvent 3 and of regionalized water footprint methods, the update of existing impact assessment methods, and a significantly quicker calculation engine. Please read the report for more details.
Water Use Modelling With ecoinvent v3 Opens New Possibilities
A presentation by ecoinvent about increased focus on water use impacts, new LCIA methodologies and data on water withdrawel.
Consequential database | The use of system expansion as allocation principle
The consequential database is one of the major innovations in the ecoinvent v3 database. We offer an example based on one important feature in the consequential database: the use of system expansion as allocation principle. What happens if two almost equally large amounts are subtracted?
Webinar | Assessing Water Use and Impacts using LCA: New Methods and Data
Join PRé for an overview of the newly available water data and footprinting methods, and their inclusion in SimaPro 8.
ecoinvent Video | Consequential System Model
This video describes the linking procedure in the Consequential system model.
ecoinvent Video | Attributional System Model
This video explains the way allocation works in ecoinvent version 3 system models using Allocation at the point of Substitution.
LCA Database ecoinvent v3 is here | More models, more datasets, more consistency
Gregor Wernet, ecoinvent's Executive Manager, about the release of the new version of world's most used LCA database, ecoinvent v3.
Life cycle assessment example of hand dryer options
Marisa Vieira, technical Consultant at PRé explains how to perfoms a life cycle assessment with SimaPro.
SimaPro at the heart of sustainability metrics
This video is a short introduction to SimaPro and provides explanations from LCA consultants and the founder of PRé Consultants on how the software is used to assist in understanding and reducing environmental impacts.
NEW | Water Footprinting in SimaPro 8
The new version of LCA Software, SimaPro 8, includes water-use data, regionalized water flows, eight water footprint methods and spatially differentiated impact assessment.
Interview | Ecoinvent’s global influence
Recently, SimaPro 8 was released, equipped with an updated ecoinvent v3 database. The ecoinvent v3 database offers the users amongst other the choice between different system models. An interview with ecoinvent's Chief Scientist Bo Weidema.
ecoinvent v3 | What is new in the ecoinvent database?
In May of 2013, the Centre released the latest version of its life cycle inventory database: ecoinvent v3. With over 10,000 of LCI datasets in the areas of agriculture, energy supply, transport, biofuels and biomaterials, bulk and speciality chemicals, construction materials, packaging materials, basic and precious metals, metals processing, ICT and electronics as well as waste treatment, ecoinvent offers one of the most comprehensive international LCI databases.
What’s new in SimaPro 8?
PRé is proud to present the new release of the world’s leading LCA software, SimaPro 8, with an updated database ecoinvent 3 and the introduction of regionalized water footprint methods.
Introducing SimaPro 8 | Improved Sustainability Metrics
Mark Goedkoop, founder of PRé Consultants and SimaPro, proudly introduces to you the new release of LCA Software, SimaPro 8.
PRé Introduces SimaPro 8, for Improved Sustainability Metrics Integration
November 4, 2013 – Amsterdam - PRé is pleased to announce the release of SimaPro 8, the latest version of our cutting-edge life cycle assessment software. This new iteration includes the ecoinvent 3 database, the dataset widely used to empower decision-making with sustainability metrics. This collaboration allows users to access new modeling approaches, market processes, and datasets. New to SimaPro are the water footprinting methods and a completely new calculation engine to accommodate the significantly larger database ecoinvent 3.
SimaPro Brochure
LCA Software for measuring sustainability impact
SimaPro Report Maker Brochure
Save time updating your LCA results and deliver accurate reports effortlessly
SimaPro Tips & Tricks
SimaPro 8 | Programming Wizards
Since 1998, PRé has developed an alternative way of presenting the LCA results using wizards. Wizards present themselves as a series of questions to the user. Wizards are usually focused on a specific product. In practice this means Wizards are used for groups of users that have to deal with a similar topic or problem.
SimaPro 8 | Programming the COM Interface
SimaPro is a versatile LCA tool, but in some occasions you need more than a stand-alone tool. For example, if you want to analyze a lot of data automatically you may want to integrate SimaPro and your business software. In the SimaPro Developer version a COM-interface is available. This allows the user to control SimaPro from applications such as Excel, .NET applications, Delphi, PHP
Social Hotspots Database now available for SimaPro LCA software
The Social Hotspots Database system license is now available in the SimaPro LCA software. This database is the first comprehensive database for performing Social Life Cycle Assessment (S-LCA).

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