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SimaPro 8 | Database and Methods Library
SimaPro contains a number of impact assessment methods, which are used to calculate impact assessment results. This manual describes how the various impact assessment methods are implemented in SimaPro. Download the free manual.
WEBINAR: Towards Sustainable Food and LCA Development
Watch this recorded webinar to find out more about recent developments in Life Cycle Assessment and their implications for the agricultural sector en de LCA community.
Recorded Webinar | Introduction to ecoinvent version 3
This the recording of ecoinvent's webinar about the latest version of the database, ecoinvent version 3.1.
Behind the Scenes at Monte Carlo Simulations
Suppose your life cycle assessment shows that product A is better than B. Will this conclusion still hold if you take into account that most data is likely to fall in a range of possible values? That is, if you take into account the uncertainty in the inventory data?
ecoinvent v3.1 Webinar | A First Basic Overview
The latest version of the ecoinvent database, ecoinvent version 3.1, was released in July of this year and now also included in the latest version of SimaPro. To get you off to a flying start with ecoinvent version 3.1, the ecoinvent Centre offers free webinars providing a first basic overview on what the new version has to offer.
The Difference Between the ecoinvent 3.1 System Models
With the ecoinvent 3.1 database, released with SimaPro 8.0.4, a new system model is introduced: Allocation, recycled content. This new system model is available in addition to the two system models already present in SimaPro 8.0.0 to 8.0.3: Allocation, default and Consequential.
Data Conversion Tool | From SimaPro to ILCD Format
Improved Pedigree Matrix Approach for ecoinvent
Great news for users of the pedigree matrix uncertainty in ecoinvent. The pedigree approach to deriving uncertainty factors has been refined, now providing uncertainty factors based on empirical data.
Update of the ILCD 2011 Midpoint method version 1.04 in SimaPro
We are happy to announce that an updated version of the ILCD 2011 Midpoint method is now available in SimaPro
How to Use USEtox® Characterisation Factors in SimaPro
USEtox®, available in SimaPro, is a well-known model for characterising the toxic impacts of chemical emissions in a life cycle assessment (LCA). But what is it exactly and how do you use it? This article gives a short overview.
Now Available: Novel Product Social Impact Assessment Method
Today marks the release of the Handbook for Product Social Impact Assessment, a leading-edge methodology that allows businesses to measure the social footprint of their products. The Roundtable for Product Social Metrics is making this methodology available for free, putting this high-impact tool in the hands of businesses who want to improve sustainable product development and social sustainability throughout their product’s life cycle and supply chain.
Normalisation: New Developments in Normalisation Sets
This is the second in a series of articles where PRé's own consultants explain a step in the LCIA process and the way their own expertise fits into that step. Tommie Ponsioen is a technical consultant at PRé, with expertise in LCA methodology and database development. This article explains normalisation, the third step in LCIA, and describes new developments in the field.
Characterisation: New Developments for Toxicity
This is the first in a series of articles where PRé's own consultants explain a step in the LCA process and the way their own expertise fits into that step. First up is Laura Golsteijn, who is not just an expert on characterisation in LCIA, but also earned a PhD based on her original characterisation research.
Agri-footprint Database | Methodology and basic principles
Agri-footprint 2.0 is available as a library within SimaPro. The main objective of Agri-footprint is to bring data and methodology together to make it easily available for the LCA community.
Agri-footprint Database | Description of data
This manual describes the data included in the Agri-Footprint database
Agricultural LCA Database Agri-footprint Now Available in SimaPro
PRESS RELEASE | PRé Consultants and Blonk Consultants are proud to announce the exclusive release of the agricultural life cycle assessment (LCA) database Agri-footprint in SimaPro, the world’s leading LCA software.
On Developing Globally Relevant LCA Databases
As LCA becomes a more globally important and accepted way of measuring our environmental impacts and quantify sustainability in business, we will have to face our many problems.
Updated Carbon Footprint Calculation Factors
Scientific insight is continuously improving, providing us with information that helps our impact assessment calculations be more accurate and better able to predict environmental impacts and how much our products contribute to climate change.
Free PROSUITE Handbook Now Available Online
Assessing the sustainability impacts of technology poses unique challenges. The PROSUITE group has developed a novel methodology to help you meet these challenges, and is now making the PROSUITE Handbook available to sustainability professionals and non-technical users at no cost.
Water Use Modelling With ecoinvent v3 Opens New Possibilities
A presentation by ecoinvent about increased focus on water use impacts, new LCIA methodologies and data on water withdrawel.
Consequential database | The use of system expansion as allocation principle
The consequential database is one of the major innovations in the ecoinvent v3 database. We offer an example based on one important feature in the consequential database: the use of system expansion as allocation principle. What happens if two almost equally large amounts are subtracted?
Webinar | Assessing Water Use and Impacts using LCA: New Methods and Data
Join PRé for an overview of the newly available water data and footprinting methods, and their inclusion in SimaPro 8.
ecoinvent Video | Consequential System Model
This video describes the linking procedure in the Consequential system model.
ecoinvent Video | Attributional System Model
This video explains the way allocation works in ecoinvent version 3 system models using Allocation at the point of Substitution.
Prosuite | Sustainability Assessment for Technology
The Prosuite consortium developed a methodology for sustainability assessment of new technologies following a life cycle assessment based approach. In December 2013, the PROSUITE handbook will be will published on the Pré website.
Interview | Ecoinvent’s global influence
Recently, SimaPro 8 was released, equipped with an updated ecoinvent v3 database. The ecoinvent v3 database offers the users amongst other the choice between different system models. An interview with ecoinvent's Chief Scientist Bo Weidema.
ecoinvent v3 | What is new in the ecoinvent database?
In May of 2013, the Centre released the latest version of its life cycle inventory database: ecoinvent v3. With over 10,000 of LCI datasets in the areas of agriculture, energy supply, transport, biofuels and biomaterials, bulk and speciality chemicals, construction materials, packaging materials, basic and precious metals, metals processing, ICT and electronics as well as waste treatment, ecoinvent offers one of the most comprehensive international LCI databases.
Ecoinvent Methodology Report 2013
The Swiss Centre for Life Cycle Inventories (the ecoinvent Centre) has the mission to promote the use and good practice of life cycle inventory analysis through supplying life cycle inventory (LCI) data to support assessment of the environmental and socio-economic impact of decisions. This report describes the general structure of the ecoinvent database.
Eco-indicator 95 Manuals
Weighting method for environmental effect that damage ecosystems or human health on a European scale.
Eco-indicator 99 Manuals
These manuals are intended to be used by designers and product managers that want to apply the standard Eco-indicator values for the assessment of environmental aspects of product systems.
ReCiPe Report
Recipe is a life cycle impact assessment method which comprises harmonised category indicators at the midpoint and the endpoint level
Usetox User Manual
This user manual provides basic information needed to understand and apply the USEtoxTM model, i.e. to calculate midpoint characterisation factors for human toxicity and freshwater ecotoxicity.
Swiss Input Output library
What are the environmental impacts of Swiss consumption and production patterns? Developing and applying a methodology for answering this question is the main topic of this report.
EU and DK Input Output library
This database manual contains 4 reports generated for the ForWast project, which was focusing on the overall mapping of physical flows and stocks of resources to forecast waste quantities in Europe and identify life‐cycle environmental stakes of waste prevention and recycling. It was executed as a 6th Framework Programme project.
Social Hotspots Database now available for SimaPro LCA software
The Social Hotspots Database system license is now available in the SimaPro LCA software. This database is the first comprehensive database for performing Social Life Cycle Assessment (S-LCA).
Update Instructions for Methods (7.3.3)
We release this extra methods update to give our SimaPro users early access the ILCD recommended LCIA midpoint methods and important updates to the ReCiPe and TRACI methods

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