Why Food And Beverage LCAs Are Difficult To Do
Compared to several other sectors, such as the packaging, household and personal care, transport and building sectors, food and beverage LCA are only just catching up. What is it about the food and beverage sector that makes it so difficult to do good LCAs?
How to Use USEtox® Characterisation Factors in SimaPro
USEtox®, available in SimaPro, is a well-known model for characterising the toxic impacts of chemical emissions in a life cycle assessment (LCA). But what is it exactly and how do you use it? This article gives a short overview.
Normalisation: New Developments in Normalisation Sets
This is the second in a series of articles where PRé's own consultants explain a step in the LCIA process and the way their own expertise fits into that step. Tommie Ponsioen is a technical consultant at PRé, with expertise in LCA methodology and database development. This article explains normalisation, the third step in LCIA, and describes new developments in the field.
Characterisation: New Developments for Toxicity
This is the first in a series of articles where PRé's own consultants explain a step in the LCA process and the way their own expertise fits into that step. First up is Laura Golsteijn, who is not just an expert on characterisation in LCIA, but also earned a PhD based on her original characterisation research.
The New Calculation Engine In SimaPro 8
SimaPro 8 has been equipped with a completely new calculation engine. The reason for this is simple. The old calculation engine worked well with life cycle assessment (LCA) models of a few thousand processes. But with the introduction of ecoinvent 3 - resulting in much larger models - SimaPro needed a software update to continue supporting the available data sources.
On Developing Globally Relevant LCA Databases
As LCA becomes a more globally important and accepted way of measuring our environmental impacts and quantify sustainability in business, we will have to face our many problems.
Updated Carbon Footprint Calculation Factors
Scientific insight is continuously improving, providing us with information that helps our impact assessment calculations be more accurate and better able to predict environmental impacts and how much our products contribute to climate change.
How to Select Relevant Indicators for Decision Making in Sustainability
Though many companies are increasingly assessing the impacts of their products, the focus is often only on climate change. Yet, decisions made solely on the basis of a carbon footprint may result in the shifting of burdens.
What does an LCA do, anyway? A 20 Year perspective
What do carbon footprints, water footprints, environmental product declarations, the GHG protocol, and PAS 2050 all have in common? These metrics, B2B communication platforms, and standards all adopt a life-cycle perspective.

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