Life Cycle Management

Global businesses are using life cycle management (LCM) to reduce their carbon, material and water footprints, as well as to improve the social and economic performance of their products and services.

A new business approach

LCM is a business approach that goes beyond short term success and aims at long term value creation. Some of the advantages associated with LCM include:


  • Retain top talent and increase employee satisfaction
  • Better management of business risks
  • Product and service differentiation
  • Reduce operation and manufacturing costs
  • Enhance image and brand recognition.


LCM is a framework to measure, analyse and manage the sustainability performance of goods and services and consists in a number of methods.


  • Life cycle assessment (LCA)
  • Life cycle costing (LCC)
  • Social LCA (S-LCA)
  • Sustainability communication


Our Consultancy Team helps you put life cycle thinking into practice. Together we implement LCM at your organization to fit your strategic goals. We offer 25 years of experience in providing companies with the tools, knowledge and network to implement life cycle thinking in todays world.

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For UNEP, PRé surveyed retailers in different countries and conducted a comprehensive literature review about sustainability value chain management. Knowing what value chain management strategies retailers use helps guide improvement.

Sustainability Mapping of Retailers’ Value Chain, UNEP
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