Metrics Guidance and Verification

Many companies have a metrics system in place for calculating their sustainability performance. But are these metrics robust, in line with existing standards, or comparable to metrics used by peer companies?

PRé can review your sustainability metrics based on relevant standards and provide guidance for improvement. PRé can also assess how your metrics compare with leading peer companies in sustainability.


PRé can help you achieve:

  • Confidence in the robustness and quality of your metrics and insight on how to improve
  • Product transparency and improved reputation with stakeholders
  • Higher scores in reporting initiatives such as the Carbon Disclosure Project and Dow Jones Sustainability Index
  • A better understanding of the sustainability landscape with regards to relevant initiatives
  • Understanding of your risks and opportunities compared to leading peer companies


If product transparency is your objective, PRé can help you achieve alignment with current best practices.

For a large Dutch beverage company, PRé did an independent verification of their carbon footprint metrics system. This helped discover opportunities for improvement, and provided guidance to drive additional business value.

Carbon Footprint Verification, Multinational Brewery


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