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A Plant-based Diet Has A Lower Impact: Myth Or Not?

A new study claims that it's better for the environment to eat bacon than it is to eat lettuce. But doesn't everybody else say that plant-based diets have a lower impact? This month in Sustainability Mythbusters: food fight!

Why the Succes of Circular Economy is Owned by Chemicals

The adage of “reduce, reuse, recycle” can contribute to a safe use of chemicals, and this is one of the key elements of a successful circular economy.

Reaching Your Ecodesign Goals Through Collaboration

Influencing product design is difficult as an LCA expert. By the time you get measurable data, it's probably too complicated and expensive to change the design. So how can you contribute to more sustainable products? The answer: collaboration.

Data Requirements In The PEF Approach

PEF SERIES | The Product Environmental Footprint (PEF) approach is game-changing when it comes to comparing products. This time, we talk about the innovations PEF brings to data requirements, and why they matter.

Using LCA to Support the Circular Economy

To move from a linear to a circular economy, recycling is key. But how can you help ensure that your recycling efforts don't increase your impact?

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