BioScope: visual representation of biodiversity impact in your supply chain

What is good enough in LCA? What is too much? Something is needed for visual representation of ‘flat’ models, like a list of investments, for example. That was the reason to develop BioScope, driven by Platform BEE (Dutch Platform for Biodiversity, Ecosystems and Economy). BioScope, a free access web tool, which provides a simple user interface where companies can enter data that are simple and easy to gather.

By Jori Coustillas on March 07, 2017

Visualisation of impacts from LCA data

A key factor in providing insights in LCA is often the level of detail. What is good enough? What is too much? LCA publications tend often to display long lists of figures that run the risk of diverting the reader’s attention from the interesting insights from the study.


Network visualisations are a great way of visualising a model in a more attractive way, but they work only for product systems or processes with several levels. Something else is needed for visual representation of ‘flatter’ models, like a list of investments, for example.


Lately, I collaborated in the development of such a tool, on request of Platform BEE, with the goal of enabling companies to get an impression of the impacts on biodiversity of their operations and supply chain.


BioScope - visual world mapping of supply chain impacts

PRé Sustainability, Arcadis and CODE developed BioScope, a free access web tool, which provides a simple user interface where companies can enter data that are simple and easy to gather: How much is spent on each of the important commodities, and where are the suppliers?


The most interesting features of BioScope is the possibility to instantly display the results on a World’s map, showing at the same time where the biodiversity impact may happen, and which human activity is the more likely to cause it.


Biodiversity Impact Mapping of Supply Chain Operations



Meet Jori at SETAC

If you would like to get more information about the database or the methodology, have a look at the case study we published, or drop me a line at


We can also meet at the SETAC in Brussels, where I’ll be presenting a poster describing the methodology on the 8th of May.

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For Platform BEE, PRé co-developed BioScope, a tool to easily determine supply chain impact on biodiversity, visualised on a world map. The data can be gathered and entered by business stakeholders, the insights can be used for sustainable investments.