Climate Leadership Conference | PRé Stays Up-to-Date in climate change impacts

Committed to staying up-to-date on the latest advances in climate change, this week PRé is attending the Climate Leadership Conference in Washington, DC.

February 27, 2013



February 2013 - Sponsored by the U.S. EPA, The Sustainability Consortium, The Climate Registry, and other groups, the conference will touch on such topics as operating in a low-carbon economy, risk management and disclosure, and — of particular interest to PRé — sustainability metrics.


“By going to events like this, we are better equipped to advise our clients on the best ways to reduce their environmental impacts,” said Andrew Geffken, LCA Consultant for PRé, who is attending the three-day event along with PRé North America President Renée Morin.


With attendees from industry, government, academia, and non-profits, the goal of the conference is to share climate change innovations that can benefit the environment while improving the bottom line. Experts will be on hand to discuss GHG reduction goals and supply chain engagement, among other topics. One of the biggest benefits of such an event is collaboration, according to Morin. “We hope to meet with people who are interested in quantifying climate change impacts, who may benefit from the use of life-cycle thinking,” she explained. “Together, we can make a difference.”


For more on the Climate Leadership Conference, visit the Conference's official website.


source: PRé's editors

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