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The detailed PRé report for start-up company Ecofiltro is now available in the learning library of Sustainable Brands.

August 21, 2013

Ecofilter materials analysis

For placing first at the SBIO’12 (Sustainable Brands Innovation Open) competition, Ecofiltro won a  Life Cycle Assessment of its product and a comparison to two alternative water purification methods. As the report is an important example of how a company can create business value through sustainability metrics and product life cycle analysis, Sustainable Brands has published it in its Learning Library.


Delivering water with minimal environmental footprint

The PRé report, written by Mark Goedkoop, Renée Morin and Vairavan Subramanian, contains an analysis and comparison of the Ecofiltro water filter, boiled water and bottled water. Ecofiltro’s climate change impacts are less than 1% of the impacts from consuming the same amount of bottled water, and 35% of the impacts of boiled water.


This report was very important for start-up company Ecofiltro, because it confirms that several characteristics of the water filter positively impact its environmental footprint:

  • The climate change impact of the ecofiltro water filter is less than 1% of the impacts from consuming the same amount of bottled water, and 35% of the impacts of boiled water. 
  • The Ecofiltro water filter is made from low impact raw materials, all sourced from Guatemala
  • The production process required little energy
  • One Ecofiltro water filter is guaranteed to supply an average-sized Guatemalan family with potable water for at least two years


About ecofiltro

Start-up company Ecofiltro, based in Guatemala, developed a simple water filter that provides clean drinking water in an affordable and sustainable manner. All materials and labor are locally sourced and do not create waste during the production process. Ecofiltro is the water filter that offers clean water in developing countries at the lowest costs.



SBIO Winner

This case study is developed by PRé especially for the winner of the first Sustainable Brands Innovation Open (SBIO). Contact our experts to learn more:





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