Anne’s Favourite Sustainability Initiative: 1%Club

Every month, one of PRé’s people talks about his or her personal favourite sustainable initiative. This can be a product or a shop, a local initiative or a new website. This month, Anne Gaasbeek will tell you a little about 1%Club.

By Anne Gaasbeek on April 06, 2015

When my cousin left to Monrovia to set up a psychiatric hospital, I saw for the first time what the impact is of the help they offer, how valuable and tireless their work is and how much our contributions are needed.  This is often what I miss with the big NGOs: I don’t really see what my money is spent on and I don’t have any way to engage or to get regular updates.



That’s why I love 1%Club. It’s a website for crowdfunding sustainability campaigns, similar to Kickstarter but specifically intended for sustainability initiatives. Its founders want to enable as many people as possible to make a positive change in the world. The best thing is that you can have direct contact with the people on the ground.


How Does It Work?

A person, perhaps a farmer in Zambia or the representative of a small foundation, puts a concrete campaign on the website and asks for contributions to make it happen. People can contribute money, but they can also offer help with, for example, designing a logo, fundraising or developing training materials.  You can get in touch with the campaigners directly by asking questions, and the campaigners keep you updated on how the money is spent.


Lots Of Diversity

The campaigns are really diverse: setting up water enterprises in Northern Cambodia, developing climate-smart agriculture in Zambia, starting a trauma programme for children in India, but also sponsoring a school trip for Dutch children with learning disabilities. I like looking through the projects, because I always see a campaign that appeals to me or where I can be of help in a relatively easy way.


What Can You Do?

Go look at the campaigns on 1%Club, find something that speaks to you and support it with your money or knowledge, or submit your own initiative and enable us to support you.


I’m passing on this series’ relay baton to Margreet, who will tell us about her favourite sustainable initiative next month.

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