SimaPro Tips & Tricks | Projects to Libraries Links Manager
The 'Projects to Libraries Links Manager' was introduced in SimaPro 8.0.3 and has been expanded with the release of SimaPro 8.0.4.
ecoinvent Video | Consequential System Model
This video describes the linking procedure in the Consequential system model.
ecoinvent Video | Attributional System Model
This video explains the way allocation works in ecoinvent version 3 system models using Allocation at the point of Substitution.
Life cycle assessment example of hand dryer options
Marisa Vieira, technical Consultant at PRé explains how to perfoms a life cycle assessment with SimaPro.
How industry associations promote sustainability
VIDEO | Helping SMEs at a sector level
SimaPro at the heart of sustainability metrics
This video is a short introduction to SimaPro and provides explanations from LCA consultants and the founder of PRé Consultants on how the software is used to assist in understanding and reducing environmental impacts.
SimaPro Tips & Tricks | Substance in a Method
Watch the video and find out which impact assessment methods include a certain substance.
SimaPro Tips & Tricks | Parameters for Scenario Analysis
This video provides a simple example on how you can build different scenarios using parameters in SimaPro.
SimaPro Tips & Tricks | Project Exchange
This video shows you how you can transfer a project with the Export and Import functions.
SimaPro Tips & Tricks | The Network Tab
Watch the video on how to use the Network tab of the result window.
SimaPro Tips & Tricks | Copy Tree Function
This quick tip shows how you can copy processes from one project to another using the Copy Tree function.
SimaPro Tips & Tricks | Linking Data to Excel
This video shows how you can link certain data fields in SimaPro to a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet.
SimaPro Tips & Tricks | Creating a system level process from a unit level process.
This video will show you how to create a system level process from a unit level process.
SimaPro Tips & Tricks | Library Switch Function
Watch the video for instructions on the library switch function.
SimaPro Tips & Tricks | Analysis of groups
With the 'Analysis of Groups' feature in SimaPro, you can specify the contribution of groups of processes.
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