Interview | Plastic soup: a dish better not served at all
90.5% of plastic waste has never been recycled, as the Royal Statistical Society announced in January 2019. Some is incinerated, but 79% accumulates in landfills or in the environment. Plastic in the ocean – plastic soup – causes damage to animals, ecosystems, and possibly also to humans. With the production of plastics still growing, this problem will become even bigger. PRé’s Daniël Kan interviewed Peter Kershaw, an independent research scientist specialised in marine plastic pollution.
Working on our core values: interview to Alba Espinosa
GUEST INTERVIEW | PRé just recently introduced its ethical values developed together with the SimaPro Partner Network. This is the first outcome of a project that has kept PRé busy in the past year and has represented an additional element of cohesion within the team. The point of origin of this adventure is an idea by Alba Espinosa van de Bunt, in charge of the communications for PRé since 2012. With her I would like to travel backward starting from the first tangible results of the project to the source of her vision and motivation.
The cost of fraud: health consequences of fraudulent emissions tests
INTERVIEW | At the end of 2015, it became known that Volkswagen Group has been cheating with emission tests for diesel engines over the last six years, resulting in on-road emissions vastly exceeding the legal standards for nitrogen oxides in Europe and the United States. PRé’s Laura Golsteijn interviewed Rik Oldenkamp, one of the researchers who quantified the public health consequences of this fraud.
DSM, BMW and Steelcase on How to Measure the Effects of Products on Society
Ahold, Akzo Nobel, BASF, BMW Group, Goodyear, L’Oréal, Marks & Spencer, Philips, RB, Steelcase, DSM and PRé Sustainability have published a handbook on how to conduct a Product Social Impact Assessment. It’s the very first of its kind, based on international standards and practical pilot projects, embraced by global industry leaders - and it may pave the way for a new global standard that many companies can benefit from.
Product Social Footprinting | L’Oréal’s Charles Duclaux on Measuring the Social Impacts of Products
PRé has gathered industry leaders from L’Oréal, Marks & Spencer, Steelcase, BASF, BMW Group, DSM, Goodyear, Philips, AkzoNobel, Corbion, Ahold and Reckitt Benckiser for the Roundtable for Product Social Metrics, a pioneering endeavour that aims to bring together principles and metrics for social impact assessment. We spoke to Charles Duclaux, Head of Corporate Responsibility Reporting and Environmental Innovation at L'Oréal, about the Roundtable's Handbook and L'Oréal's sustainability efforts at large.
Why Do We Need Social Footprinting? | Interview featured by Sustainable Brands
INTERVIEW | Social metrics are on the rise within sustainability - we need to reduce social impacts if we want a truly sustainable future. Social metrics help companies create value while increasing the effectiveness of their sustainability efforts. An interview with Renée Morin, president of our US office.
LCA Database ecoinvent v3 is here | More models, more datasets, more consistency
Gregor Wernet, ecoinvent's Executive Manager, about the release of the new version of world's most used LCA database, ecoinvent v3.
Interview | Ecoinvent’s global influence
Recently, SimaPro 8 was released, equipped with an updated ecoinvent v3 database. The ecoinvent v3 database offers the users amongst other the choice between different system models. An interview with ecoinvent's Chief Scientist Bo Weidema.
Social Pioneers Roundtable | DSM’s Dedication to Social Sustainability | Interview
As PRé has initiated the Social Pioneers Roundtable, a roundtable on social metrics together with peers from different industries, we profile the pioneers that joined this endeavour, in a serie of interviews. This time we spoke to Jacobine Das Gupta, sustainability manager at DSM
Deciding for Sustainability
Product information — or making the invisible, visible — and clear sustainability goals are at the core of making informed and better sustainability choices. This is the second in a serie of columns in which Simon Evitts gives his insight on the importance of Sustainability Metrics Integration
Philips’ Commitment to Social Metrics | Interview
A pioneer in the LCA field, PRé is now expanding into the exciting arena of social metrics. To that end, PRé has conceived of a Social Pioneers Roundtable, to encourage participation and discussion among businesses. We talked with Markus Laubscher, senior scientist and sustainable innovation expert at Philips, to find out about the company’s long-standing commitment to social issues, and their particular aspirations for the Social Pioneers Roundtable.
Interview With Client Nordenia
Nordenia manufactures flexible packaging, technical films, and product components for various industrial sectors; from pre-made bags to transport safety films.
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