LCI automation tool for a furniture company
CASE STUDY | For Steelcase, PRé designed a tool to help them execute their extensive sustainability strategy more easily, by automating a large number of steps that previously had to be done manually. Not only does this save time when creating new life cycle assessments (LCA) of products, designs and updates, it also reduces the potential for error. For ease of use, the new, centralized tool uses SimaPro.
Applying PEF rules to construction products
CASE STUDY | In the construction sector, which widely adopted the EN 15804 standard, organisations are interested to see what the new Product Environmental Footprint standard will mean for the assessment of their products. For a trade organisation, PRé analysed three construction products according to the PEF method and compared the outcome to earlier EN 15804 studies. This provided valuable information about the products, but also about how the PEF standards look at products differently than an EN assessment.
Promoting environmental footprinting in the Southern Mediterranean region
CASE STUDY | For countries outside the EU, EU policies may become market barriers or market opportunities. UNIDO supported Southern Mediterranean countries by building capacity in Product Environmental Footprint (PEF) studies, which can help them establish a stronger position on the European markets.
LCA updates for DSM’s Eco+ Program
CASE STUDY | For companies truly investing in sustainability, doing life cycle assessment (LCA) studies is not just a one-time thing. Regular updates – done in-house or by an external expert – are very valuable.
Conversion of ACYVIA database from SimaPro to ILCD format
CASE STUDY | For ADEME, PRé converted their ACYVIA agri-food industries database from the SimaPro format into the widely known and used ILCD format. This brings the ACYVIA database to a wider audience.
Scientific publication about PEF category rules for shampoos
CASE STUDY | For trade association Cosmetics Europe (CE), PRé wrote a scientific article for publication on the development of CE’s PEFCRs for shampoo. This helped increase their audience and reach.
The European Commission’s Ecomodelling Framework Tool
CASE STUDY | Many instruments and models are used by the Directorate for Growth and Innovation of the European Commission's Joint Research Centre (DG JRC) for policy making of energy-related products. Now, the Ecomodelling Framework Tool combines those models into a single tool.
Potential for circularity in diapers and incontinence care products
CASE STUDY | For Flemish waste management organisation OVAM, PRé researched the potential for circularity and recycling of diapers and other absorbent hygiene products (AHP), a huge part of the household waste stream.
Supporting the changing sustainability standards in Europe
CASE STUDY | Supporting the European Commission’s product environmental footprint (PEF) initiative, PRé served as technical helpdesk and trainers for the pilot phase of four and a half years, gaining valuable experience in complex alignment projects.
Comparative LCA of three materials for bike frames
CASE STUDY | For a bicycle manufacturer, PRé did a comparative LCA of three potential materials for bike frames, looking for the material with the lowest impact and understanding the hotspots for all materials.
Expert review of an assessment tool for e-waste recycling in Europe
CASE STUDY | Electronics waste, or e-waste, is growing fast. For WEEE Forum, PRé completed databases and did an expert review of their e-waste recycling assessment tool, comparing various recycling scenarios.
Tool to determine supply chain biodiversity impact
For Platform BEE, PRé, Arcadis and CODE developed BioScope, a tool to easily determine the impact of a company’s supply chain on biodiversity, visualised on a world map. The data can be gathered and entered by non-experts, a great advantage.
Updated Carbon Footprint Calculation Factors
Scientific insight is continuously improving, providing us with information that helps our impact assessment calculations be more accurate and better able to predict environmental impacts and how much our products contribute to climate change.
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