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PRé is the platinum sponsor of the Life Cycle Management 2017 conference in Luxembourg
The 8th edition of the international Life Cycle Management conference, recognised as one of the most important conferences in the field of sustainability and Life Cycle Assessment, is going to be held this year in Luxembourg. LCM 2017 will take place from 3 to 6 september at the European Congress Center, hosting decision-makers from science, industry, NGOs and public bodies worldwide. PRé Sustainability is proud to be present as Platinum Sponsor.
PRé and BRE develop LINA 2.0 - Tool for compliant EPD with EN15804
LINA is a tool that enables companies and trade associations to assess their products in line with EN 15804, the European Standard for Environmental Product Declarations (EPD) for construction products. LINA 2.0 is an enhanced version that makes it even easier to comply with standards for the construction sector.
The Roundtable For Product Social Metrics Is Now A Multi-Stakeholder Organisation
The Roundtable for Product Social Metrics is now moving forward as a multi-stakeholder organisation. With this step, the Roundtable is opening its doors to new participants, inviting interested companies, industry associations, NGOs, and researchers to join the collaboration.
Announcement: PRé Launches New Web-Based Software At LCM 2015
PRé hosted a side room event at the Life Cycle Management 2015 conference in Bordeaux to launch its latest software offering, SimaPro Share & Collect.
Now Available: Novel Product Social Impact Assessment Method
Today marks the release of the Handbook for Product Social Impact Assessment, a leading-edge methodology that allows businesses to measure the social footprint of their products. The Roundtable for Product Social Metrics is making this methodology available for free, putting this high-impact tool in the hands of businesses who want to improve sustainable product development and social sustainability throughout their product’s life cycle and supply chain.
Agricultural LCA Database Agri-footprint Now Available in SimaPro
PRESS RELEASE | PRé Consultants and Blonk Consultants are proud to announce the exclusive release of the agricultural life cycle assessment (LCA) database Agri-footprint in SimaPro, the world’s leading LCA software.
SupplyShift and PRé Announce Partnership
PRESS RELEASE | PRé and SupplyShift are pleased to announce an innovative partnership to bring the strengths of supply chain sustainability and life cycle analysis to users.
PRé Introduces SimaPro 8, for Improved Sustainability Metrics Integration
November 4, 2013 – Amsterdam - PRé is pleased to announce the release of SimaPro 8, the latest version of our cutting-edge life cycle assessment software. This new iteration includes the ecoinvent 3 database, the dataset widely used to empower decision-making with sustainability metrics. This collaboration allows users to access new modeling approaches, market processes, and datasets. New to SimaPro are the water footprinting methods and a completely new calculation engine to accommodate the significantly larger database ecoinvent 3.
Italian Partner 2B Supports National Museum With Application of LCA Methodology
PRé's Italian partner 2B has offered the National Museum of Science and Technology in Milan its support. For two case studies from Lavazza and Arper, 2B supported with the application of the LCA methodology, using the SimaPro sustainability software.
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Oct 5-9 | Product Environmental Footprint
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Nov 18-27 | SimaPro and LCA: In-Depth
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