Mark Goedkoop Presents New Methodology at Social LCA Seminar

With his presentation, Mark aims to get a better connection to the research community and understand how companies and other organisations can collaborate in the next phases of the Roundtable for Product Social Metrics development.


Sharing The What And The How Of The Roundtable

Mark Goedkoop, PRé Sustainability’s founder and CEO, was invited to present the Methodology for Product Social Impact Assessment at the 4th Social LCA Seminar in Montpellier. In his presentation "How 12 companies jointly developed a pragmatic Handbook for Product Social Metrics", Mark gave a short overview of the history and content of the practical methodology proposed in the Handbook. Mark also emphasised the way this project was run, as he believes both the what (the resulting methodology) and the how (the process of developing the methodology) are of interest. The methodology was developed by the Roundtable for Product Social Metrics, a group consisting of 12 industry-leading companies and led by PRé. 


What Does Product Social Impact Assessment Do?

The Product Social Impact Assessment methodology can benefit numerous scenarios, from understanding improvement opportunities and steering product development in various stages to providing support for decision making and external communications. It allows reasoned assessment of overall social sustainability performance by assessing social topics and performance indicators reflecting the product’s positive and negative impacts on three stakeholder groups: workers, consumers and local communities.


Next Steps In The Roundtable

The publication of the Handbook is not the end of the Roundtable. The next phase involves feedback from companies and other organisations. A clear aim of Mark’s presentation is to build a better connection to the research community and improve understanding of how interested parties can collaborate in the Roundtable’s next steps.


If your company needs guidance in conducting social impact assessments, please contact PRé’s experts.


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