PRé at CILCA 2019

EVENT | On July 15-19 CILCA 2019 conference will take place in Costa Rica. Join PRé and our partner CADIS at the SimaPro sessions. This is an opportunity to network with fellow SimaPro users, get answers from our experts, and learn about the SimaPro desktop software and new web-based developments.

July 08, 2019


CILCA is the most important LCA conference in Latin America, and for many years, we’ve provided SimaPro training for the participants. This year we are excited to show you not only our classic SimaPro training but also new developments: SimaPro Collect and SimaPro Share. These two user-friendly online modules allow you to gather information from your data providers and to provide the results together with many different scenarios, helping users to take the best sustainability decision.


Eric Mieras, Managing Director of PRé Sustainability, Nydia Suppen, Director of CADIS and Amalia Sojo, SimaPro Manager at CADIS will be leading the following sessions:

1. SimaPro basics training

Our traditional SimaPro desktop training. If you are new to SimaPro and want to know the basic features for using the software and analyzing a product, this session if for you.

When: Monday, July 15 (afternoon), Tuesday, July 16 (morning).

2. SimaPro online & API

SimaPro has developed friendly online tools that allow everyone to get involved in gathering information and sharing results. Join us to discover these new developments and share your ideas!

When: Monday, July 15 (morning), Tuesday, July 16 (afternoon).


We would be glad to hear your questions and suggestions about the next generation of SimaPro. We strive to constantly improve our software, aiming to help you meet your sustainability goals. That’s why your feedback is important for us.

If you wish to participate or learn more about the sessions please contact Amalia Sojo.  


More information about the CILCA 2019 can be found on the conference website.

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Eric Mieras
Eric Mieras
Managing Director
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